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sexta-feira, 13 de maio de 2011


A metric of German popular sentiment, Bild-Zeitung gives a long list of reasons why it thinks that the Greek crisis will last forever. Employees at state companies get bonuses for being on time and washing their hands, state paid priests get bonuses for each mass they celebrate, employees at state owned Hellenic Petroleum get 18 monthly salaries per year with night watchmen earning an annual salary of €72 000, there is one pharmacy per 1200 inhabitants in Greece and thanks to state protection they enjoy margins of 35%, there are 200000 illegal houses in the country for which no taxes at all are being paid, and so and so on. In case you ever wondered why Germans don’t like euro bail outs: Bild sells 4m copies each day and is being read by at least 10m.

Nota:É por estas e por outras....Se forem cá ver os acordos de empresa, terão muitas surpresas....mas ninguém vai ver

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